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In 2013 after witnessing three close family members succumb to cancer, Nia Pure Nature, About Nia Pure Nature, Nia Pure NatureI became mission-driven to improve people’s health and founded Nia Pure Nature to introduce the premium quality organic Moringa plant from the pure eco soils of the sub-Himalayan regions of India. My mission was and still is, to educate people about the great health benefits of living well with a diet of unprocessed, and wholesome foods.                                                                       From my education, my academic researches and my experience working as a scientific evaluator for the Bureau of Chemical Safety of the Food Directorate of Health Canada, I knew about the side effects of certain artificial vitamins and the negative health effects of processed food.  
During my 15 years working at Health Canada, I evaluated tens of thousands of new products’ submissions and I was shocked to see how many man-made chemicals that we were exposed to daily in our modern life. Setting aside pesticide-laden produce, genetic modifications impact and contaminants, we are exposed to a wide variety of intentional food chemical additives that range from artificial coloring, thickeners to chemical preservatives.                     
It became difficult for me to find products that were not compromised and when I did, I realized that unfortunately some natural health products companies often change owners, their products’ components to cheaper and impure ingredients and often times cut corners for more profits. Therefore, the purpose of founding Nia Pure Nature was to create a company with an unwavering integrity. I chose the name Nia (which means intention) as a reminder to always stay committed to my initial intent, which was to provide unadulterated and uncompromised pure and natural health products. 
Now, as a mother, I have come to rely as much as possible on Nia Pure Nature organic products because I know the great lengths we go to get the purest, most natural, and organic ingredients. We also often test our products for quality, purity, and potency. We combine Nia Pure Nature superfoods to boost the quality of our daily diet, to provide us with energy, to keep us calm (including my teenagers’ mood swings), and to strengthen our immune system. 
I hope that you and your family will also reap the many benefits of Nia Pure Nature products!
In health,
 Amina Badar, Chemist/Toxicologist, and founder/CEO of Nia Pure Nature Inc. 

Our Mission

Nia Pure Nature, About Nia Pure Nature, Nia Pure Nature


Our commitment is to always focus 100% natural and organic ingredients in our products. Our ingredients are grown using farming practices that not only adhere to organic farming standards but go beyond, to regenerate the soil, protect biodiversity, and be fully ethical and sustainable. Our freeze-drying dehydration methods ensure that our plant based ingredients retain their maximum level of potency to provide the highest quality products available in the market today.

Nia Pure Nature, About Nia Pure Nature, Nia Pure Nature


By buying directly from farming families, we are able to support them with a sustainable income whilst improving and preserving their own health and natural environment.

Nia Pure Nature, About Nia Pure Nature, Nia Pure Nature


We are proud to have a direct relationship with the farmers who grow and supply our botanical ingredients. This is of great importance to us as this allows the farmers to fully benefit off their crops all the while avoiding any environmental degradation and improper processing of our ingredients.

Nia Pure Nature, About Nia Pure Nature, Nia Pure Nature

Animal cruelty-free

We use 100% cruelty-free and natural botanical ingredients that are vegan, organic and GMO-free.

Nia Pure Nature, About Nia Pure Nature, Nia Pure Nature

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